The DRL6 is a 50cm high compact full range line array.

Drive Line’s stylish wood fuselage, finish options, and slim form factor, combined with exacting internal loudspeaker technology, means the perfect marriage of European style and sound. Drive Line’s flexible, modular design allows a variety of configurations and placement options, including floor standing, on-wall and other custom applications.

Drive Line’s special DDT (Dynamic Drive Transducer) technology creates real cylindrical wave radiation across a wide frequency range. Reflections from ceiling and floor are minimized, and performance in large or small environments is maximized. Drive Line delivers superb acoustic output, exceptional acoustical performance and speech intelligibility. 

Key features 
  • High vertical directivity
  • Slim Form Factor

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Frequency response (1):  100Hz - 18'000Hz +/- 3db

Maximum peak SPL (2):   123 dB

Coverage:    Horizontal: 100° - Vertical: 18°


Full Range:   6 x 3,5" inch, ferrofluid cooled, long excursion, low distortion

Nominal impedance:   12 Ohms

Power handling:   120W (AES) (4)

Connector:   Phoenix 4 poles in/out


Cabinet size (WxHxD):   110 x 565 x 116mm

Cabinet finish:   black or white epoxy painted or any other color on request

Rigging:   Wall or Speaker stand adaptor

Protective grill:   1.2mm steel, foam cover inside

Weight:   8Kg

Elements & Accessories 
  • SUB28 pro Subwoofer
  • SUB112 Subwoofers
  • AP5000
  • DRL-SP SPEAKON adaptor
  • DRL-CP Coupling element

(1) Frequency response: +/- 3dB, measured at 3 meters, on axis, half-space conditions -  MLSSA 1/3 octave

(2) Max peak SPL: Measured with music referred to 1 meter

(3) Crossover: Acoustical crossover frequency - at these frequency, transducers produce equal sound pressure level

(4) AES: Power handling is measured under AES standard conditions

(5) Power AMPS: Amplifier RMS output power per channel into 2 ohms, both channel driven